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could you send your child to die for people who had forsaken you

Friday, April 2, 2010

As Christians most of us have at one time or another struggled with our faith and spending time with god. A lot of us might be busy with school, sports, and jobs. that doesn't mean we can't spend time in his presence. there are many ways to spend time in his presence it can be by listening to christian music, praying, or reading your bible or other christian book. I have found that the longer you spend the harder it is for you to stray far from gods path.everyone always says you need thirty minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy. well thirty minutes with god can make you Spiritually healthy and it doesn't matter where you are when you spend time with him or what time it is. when you spend time with him you mature in you spiritual life because when you start out you are like a baby having to be told these things by your pastor and/or youth director. when you start to read your bible a little more you are like a toddler wanting to feed yourself and people younger than you and you continue to progress till you read your bible everyday and pray everyday and spend a lot of your time with god. by then you are old and mature in your faith and one that can lead others to Christ and though the different stages of their spiritual life and though them touching others and then they will help others in their walk with Christ, and that cycle could repeat thousands of times. so you never know what one good deed can do if it will just touch that one person, or will expand to touch many others

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