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could you send your child to die for people who had forsaken you

Monday, May 10, 2010

the cost of our life

something a lot of Christians don't think about is that every single one of us has a price tag. we have already been paid for. no one can change the price that was paid for us. that was paid before our grandparents were even born. it was paid over 2000 years ago by one man. that man was Jesus Christ. some people though have not been paid for yet. so spiritually they are dead and when they die here on earth that is it for them they will never rise again they may have said they were Christians but they were really Hippocrates but the good news for those who do not yet believe god has given us our whole life to decide and no matter what you did in your life as long as at the end you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you. only then can you have eternal life. only then has your price been paid but not in money but your price was paid in blood. our debt was paid by the life of the son of god. even though we turn from god during our life by sinning. god sent his son to give us eternal life something no one in this world deserves something no one who has ever walked this earth has deserved. One perfect man died for billions of people so that they could have eternal life. that is all i have for this week next week i will be talking of how to resist temptation. next week the verses i will be using will be judges 2:4-18   

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